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In Cynthia Ward’s action-packed novella series “The Blood-Thirsty Agent,” Lucy Harker is a dhampir – a child born of the sexual union between a vampire and a mortal. In this case, Lucy’s mother is the famous Mina Harker, and her natural father is Dracula, Lord of the Vampires. The time is the early 1900s and the action ranges from cabin suites on the Titanic to the trenches of World War One to the Hollow Earth, allowing the author to work in winks at, and pastiches of, some of her (and my) favorite adventure characters of the time period.

I hear that the fourth Blood-Thirsty Agent novella, due out later this year or early the next, will be the last. If so, I’ll be sad to see the series end just as I feel I’m really getting to know Lucy and Clarimal. All good things do come to an end, but I hope that we’ll get to see more of Lucy’s upbringing and meet more of her stepsiblings before the end.

In the mean-time, I highly recommend The Blood-Thirsty Agent series to fans of alternate history, steampunk, pulp adventure, vampires in love, and LGBTQ representation in genre fiction.

 Anthony R. Cardno

Reviews of Cynthia's Stories

"Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat"

Ward’s story is a brutal and tragic tale of a boy’s relationships to his family and friends. There’s a lot that seemingly goes into this tale, though Ward prevents this from becoming purely a character study. As the reader, you aren’t sure where it’s going, but by the end it seems to have all made sense, if you can follow that.

Andy “chickenshit” McCleary is a bullied, abused kid. Their house, once surrounded by farmland is now encroached upon all sides by neat suburban type houses. He isn’t a well liked or an incredibly bold child, but in the midst of one sweltering August day, after being pushed to the brink, Andy finds his fire.

--Pyles of Books



Regenesis: "From four-armed men to brainscan: biotech perspectives"

"Regenesis" by Cynthia Ward (a female writer from Seattle) paints a peculiar image of the future: anything is possible thanks to biotechnology. Six-fingered guitar player geniuses juggle the strings, 3-eyed women quiver their eyelashes and geneticians grow tails (proving evolution theory right and Christianity wrong) while four-armed prophets talk about the end of the world.

— Kömlõdi Ferenc
Cyberia, November 2002.

Read the review in the original Hungarian: "A négykarú embertõl az agyszkennelésig: Biotech-távlatok"